Hydroponics for Beginners

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Course Description

Hydroponics is a cultivation method where you can grow plants without the use of soil. Hydroponics can allow you to grow in small spaces, indoors and of season. This course is a good starting point for those who want to get their feet wet and dive into learning hydroponics. This course is for those with little experience in horticulture and/or hydroponics and whose main interest is in growing at home. This course is NOT intended for commercial growing.

Key Concepts

  • Self paced course
  • Learn to grow a number of different plants such as fruits, vegetables and herbs in hydroponics
  • Learn botany, plant pathology and basic genetics
  • Learn about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Entomology
  • Learn basic about basic chemistry and nutrients
  • Learn about the equipment and materials used
  • Learn how to build a number of different systems
  • Live Zoom Q&A Session with instructors
  • Complete a Final Growing Project
  • Receive a certificate of completion